AI and Software Testing: Growing the next generation of testers

   Elena Treshcheva   

Elena Treshcheva, Program Manager – Exactpro

The talk will touch upon both aspects of the "AI & Testing" knowledge domain - testing AI systems and applying AI to test traditional systems. As this interdisciplinary area gains traction in the industry, it becomes more evident that present-day software testing specialists need to keep up with the trend and obtain deep technical skills in both of its aspects. The need for such talent on the IT market becomes even more pronounced as AI and other emerging technologies are implemented as part of bigger hybrid systems. What skills are crucial for assessing the quality of complex intelligent systems? How can one obtain the necessary skills? Can software testing certifications (e.g. the new CT-AI certification by ISTQB) be an answer? In this talk, we'll try to tackle these questions and discuss a possible way to build a learning & development strategy for next-gen software testers.

12:15 - 12:45
Elena Treshcheva
Web Conference