The Twain Finally Meet - AI and TestingLunedì 4 Ottobre

Artificial intelligence and discussion surrounding it are neither new nor surprising. However, the fever pitch regarding AI has never been stronger as the current times...

It appears, for the first time, that viable AI solutions for what was previously science fiction will become available.
In this one-day tutorial, we will learn about
• Basic concepts of AI using Machine Learning (AI-ML)
• Steps in testing AI applications
• Different tools which leverage AI in testing for automation and other tasks
• Different possible career paths of future that related to AI and Testing
This tutorial should open up the path for you to know how to learn about AI, the pre-requisites and skills required to create your own AI solutions and the framework on the basis of which you can develop your own understanding of AI in testing and Testing AI.
There is no programming knowledge requirement for this tutorial but knowledge of a scripting language such as Python is helpful as some of the code samples demoed use python.

NOTE: Attendees should bring their laptops. Prerequisites and setup instructions will be sent to registered attendees to prepare the environment.

Learning Objectives
• Recall the definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning, Deep Learning and their relationship
• Compare supervised and unsupervised learning
• Explain AI solution development lifecycle
• Explain the challenges associated with testing AI applications
• Explain the testing performed during training of the ML model (offline phase)
• Explain the testing performed after the trained model has been integrated (online phase)
• Apply metamorphic testing for testing of an AI application
• Apply Linguistic Analysis method for test design for testing an AI application
• Apply an AI based tool for automation

Who should attend?
This course is intended for software testers, test leaders, test consultants and others that are involved or want to become more engaged in activities dedicated to testing of AI applications or using AI in testing.

The tutorial is a mixture of lecture and practical exercise.

9:00 - 17:30
Vipul Kocher
Remote virtual classroom