DevOps Journey - Implementing Continuous TestingLunedì 9 Novembre

Need for faster deliveries with reduced costs on one hand and the need to deploy changes quickly with minimum downtime on the other hand are twin drivers for the software development industry. Agile, Shift Left and DevOps movements are direct outcomes of these needs...

In this one-day, hands-on tutorial you will learn about the drivers of DevOps and create a CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins utilizing Git and Maven to trigger automated compilation of code. Jenkins will also be used to trigger static analysis tools such as SonarQube and dynamic analysis tools such as JaCoCo (for code coverage) when unit tests are run.
Use of Docker is made for setting up the environment using containers and the compiled app is deployed on a Docker container before running automated Selenium tests. Use of Cucumber is made for automated acceptance testing and a reporting and monitoring tool such as Nagios, is used to monitor the production system.
While Continuous Testing (CT) and automation form an important part of DevOps, culture plays an equally important role in DevOps to ensure success at minimal cost by removing barriers to information exchange. The tutorial covers not only this cultural aspect but also uses games to clarify many of these concepts.
The participant is expected to take back learning on a rich set of tools as well as clarity around various concepts of DevOps. This course covers part of DevOps United certification.

NOTE: Attendees should bring their laptops. Prerequisites and setup instructions will be sent to registered attendees to prepare the environment.

Learning Objectives
• Understand the definition of various DevOps terminology
• Explain continuous testing and its implementation
• Create a pipeline using Jenkins
• Perform automated static and code coverage tests for unit and system testing
• Create test environments and deploy applications using Docker and cloud

Who should attend?
This course is intended for software testers, test leaders, test consultants and others that are involved or want to become more engaged in activities dedicated to DevOps implementation.

The tutorial is a mixture of lecture and practical exercise.

9:00 - 17:30
Vipul Kocher
Hotel NH Milano Congress Centre