Selenium WebDriver: from basic clicks to robust testsLunedì 3 Giugno

Come to this tutorial to learn how to write automated Selenium tests that you’ll actually be able to maintain.

During the tutorial we will get you started writing tests and provide tips to improve your test automation skills with the Selenium WebDriver. We will cover the following aspects in the tutorial:

• What is Selenium and what can you use it for?

• Getting started with the first steps

• Writing more complicated test cases using good practices (e.g. page object model)

• Learning different types of selectors and when to use them

• Practical tips and technical solutions for daily challenges in automation with Selenium

Participants will gain insights on how to test efficiently with the Selenium framework and how to build robust tests.

List of profiles/roles that you think should be mainly interested in your tutorial
• Software testers
• Software developers
Prerequisites for participation (if any)
• Basic Java Knowledge
• Object Oriented programming

Need for personal notebook (or anything else) by the participants
• Personal laptop
• Preinstalled
o Java 8
o Maven
o IDE of choice
o Chrome Browser (latest version)

9:00 - 17:30
Thomas Garus
Hotel NH Milano Congress Centre