An iceberg called customer: Find out what’s beneath the surface!Martedì 12 Giugno

Business Analysis changes to meet the needs of modern IT development. The focus shifts from descriptive to creative. Design thinking is a powerful mindset to develop more value from IT and create systems that really have impact.

The workshop starts with an introduction on recent evolution in analysis, summarized in the RE Manifesto:
Genuine empathy over techniques, models, and templates;
Creative solution design over comprehensive elicitation;
In-time elaboration over upfront specification;
Shared understanding over proper documentation.
This is elaborated in an approach that explicitly supports this evolution: design thinking, and its 5 elements empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test.
In the workshop, these elements are substantiated step-by-step by conceiving, designing and developing a prototype of a simple IT-system.
This is done in small (3 – 5 members) teams combining all necessary analysis, design, development and testing skills. Some attendants may also fulfil the role of end-user for the other teams.
The workshop ends with a pitch of each team showing the system that they developed and how they did it.

9:00 - 17:30
Hans van Loenhoud
Hotel NH Milano Congress Centre