STF: To whom it is addressed

Managers and Professionals of companies that rely on intensive software services (for example: Banks and Insurance, Utilities, TLC & Media Operators, Industry, Public Administration, etc.)

Managers and Professionals of companies that develop and test software products that require high quality (for example: Defense, Automotive, Aerospace and Railway Sectors, TLC Manufacturers, Manufacturers of medical devices, etc.)

Managers and Professionals of IT companies interested in raising awareness about their services and products for the quality of software

IT professionals with an interest in increasing their requirements engineering and testing skills and in deepening the new trends, evolution and innovation of the sector

The Community of certified professionals in testing, requirements engineering, business analysis, interested in exchanging knowledge, interests, experiences and curiosities related to their professional field

All those who are attracted by the opportunity to meet together, compare and compare themselves with the main players in the sector



STF: What will we talk about

Quality of software-intensive products and services

  • What the different market sectors require in terms of Quality of Software
  • How companies move to meet goals for Quality of Software
  • Trends in the IT sector: investments, costs and benefits of the Quality of Software
  • The contribution of standards and certification schemes

New perspectives for innovation in cutting-edge technologies

  • Quality of Software in new or complex emerging domains
  • Shift-left and DevOps for the Quality of Software
  • Quality of Software in the Internet of Things
  • Quality of Software in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning for the Quality of Software
  • Crowd Testing
  • Big Data Automation Testing: Architecture & Performance
  • Testing Strategies for Microservices Architectures
  • A / B Testing

Topics always in the focus of the event

  • Mobile testing
  • Agile testing
  • Performance testing
  • Requirements engineering

STF: Who's organizing the event

The ITA-STQB association (ITAlian Software Testing Qualifications Board) was founded in 2007 with the aim of applying in Italy the certification of skills in the areas of Software Engineering, such as Business Analysis, Requirements Engineering, Software Testing, in compliance with the international procedures defined by the reference schemes, such as ISTQB®, IREB®, iSAQB® , IQBBA® , TMMi® .

ITA-STQB counts, for the organization of the Italian Software Testing Forum, on the precious collaboration and experience of Soiel International, historic publishing house in the ICT sector which since 1993 has been a point of reference in the organization of events and conferences mainly aimed at ICT, Innovation and Digital Transformation sectors.

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